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Sasha Pieterse pro American Cheerlead
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Tady je část rozhovoru (pak začal překladač stávkovat nebojte není to z google je to upravené podle slovníku ;-) ) :

AC: Jako herečka se musíš udržovat v kondici ? Máš na to nějaký tip ?

SP: Mám ráda horolezectví jste potom vypracování a je to zábava. Ve Ventura je místo které slézáte dolů je to úžasné

AC: Jaký je tvůj oblíbený zpěvák ?

SP: Já miluju Justina Timberlake.

AC: Jaké je tvé oblíbené hříšné potěšení ?

SP: Já miluju (řekne ještě 3x) těsto na cookie

AC: Slyšela jsem že máš ráda výrobu šperku. Mohou si lidé někde tvé šperky koupit ?

SP: Já je vyrábím hlavně pro zábavu

originální rozhovor :

Fun Fact: Her character is so mean on TV but the actress is a total sweetheart in real life! Sasha's really creative, too, and even has her own jewelry line.
AC: Being an actress, you have to keep fit. Do you have any tips for staying healthy?
Sasha Pieterse: I like to rock climb. You don't feel like you're working out and it's a lot of fun. There's a place down on Ventura that's amazing.
AC: Who's one of your favorite musicians to work out to?
SP: This is kind of cheesy, but I love Justin Timberlake. His music has a good beat and he's fun-I love that.
AC: What's your biggest guilty pleasures?
SP: I love love love love love cookie dough.
AC: We heard you have passion for jewelry making. Can people purchase your pieces anywhere?
SP: I mainly just do it for fun, but I'm selling it at boutiques right now. It's going to be in store called "Ignition" that's in Valencia, CA.
AC: That's amazing! Now, beyond the jewelry, we heard that you're creating your own clothing line, too.
SP: Yes! Well, it's all under process and unfortunately I'm waiting for the right time right now. Hopefully it'll be coming out soon. I'm so excited about it, though.
AC: What made you want to start your own line?
SP: I've always loved fashion. My grandma has been a seamstress her whole life and she just recently immigrated over here from South Africa. She's living with us and so we definitely want to start it up sometime.
AC: How would you describe your personal style?
SP: My personal style used to change all the time. I think now it kind of settled. simple, but there's things that are accented that make it bold. I like neutral colors, like blacks and the browns and whites, then I like to accent it with colors-red especially. So yeah, I like to be comfortable, but I love heels, so I'm kind of all over the place but in that "simple but bold" category…
AC: On "PLL" you play evil so well. Do a lot of people think you're mean in real life?
SP: Some do. In the first season, I kept hearing: "Oh my gosh! You're the next Regina George."
AC: Can you let us in on any secrets about your character's storyline this season?
SP: "PLL" is going to be showing a side of Alison that everyone failed to recognize when she was alive. She's got an interesting family life, which I think fans will enjoy seeing.
AC: Do you think your character is taunting the other girls?
SP: I'm not sure. I've gone back and forth with it because A is just everywhere. We're getting closer to finding out who A is, though, and whether he/she is retaliating or not and if it's Alison.


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